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Produce at Marangan

Marangan has always been prime grazing land. Currently producing quality beef from Angus cattle, our grassfed beef is sold to Coles and other discerning buyers.

Bunya Nuts

Bunya nuts are a relatively new enterprise for the farm. With sixteen, majestic one hundred year old Bunya Pine trees on the property and 'bush tucker' becoming more appreciated by chefs and foodies in general, the harvesting has begun! 

Bunya nuts have been an important part of indigenous culture for thousands of years and are native to South East Queensland. They can be used in a variety of ways. Boiled, roasted, ground into flour, used for dips and pesto, added to stirfries and curries, the list goes on. Unfortunately the trees don’t produce fruit every year so they’re extra special when they are available.

Keep an eye on Facebook to find out when we have some for purchase and what other little ventures are on the go.